The BeBot is designed to keep beaches clean

Made for the sole purpose of cleaning and restoring our coastlines while preserving the natural environment, the BeBot is an eco-friendly beach cleaning robot that mechanically sifts sand to remove plastic waste and other debris without harming the local environment.

Engineered by robotics experts

The BeBot is manufactured by Poralu Marine, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of environmentally-friendly marine technology and infrastructure.

The BeBot can silently and discreetly clean up to 3,000 m^2 of beach an hour depending on the topography. That’s about the size of 7 basketball courts!

The BeBot operates at depths of up to 10cm and collects plastic debris as small as 1cm^2. This includes cigarette butts, food wrappers, bottle caps, and plastic fragments that would otherwise stay hidden in the sand.

The BeBot runs on a mix of solar and battery power, which means there is no harmful gas or liquid emissions, smelly diesel fumes, or noise pollution.

The BeBot’s innovative track system provides turn-on-the-spot precision and versatile mobility that allows it to move anywhere, even in narrow areas.

The BeBot is a remote control device that requires a human operator and can be operated safely and comfortably up to 300m away.

In addition to sifting sand, the BeBot can also be used to rake algae, lift and carry loads (like beach chairs), and even be used to level sandy areas such as volleyball courts.

The BeBot is an ideal solution for hotels, beachfront properties, municipalities, natural reserves, and even sports fields and golf courses.