Cleaning the ocean is our business



Total pounds of trash recovered from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines thanks to the ongoing support of the clean ocean movement!

Full transparency

4ocean directly manages the global ocean cleanup operation responsible for recovering the plastic waste that offsets your plastic footprint. There are no middlemen, which means we can provide more insight into your social and environmental impact than other plastic offset programs.

A global problem requires a global solution

4ocean is an ocean cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis. As a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, we harness the power of business to fund a global cleanup operation that’s responsible for recovering millions of pounds of plastic and other debris from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

We take care of our Crews

Safe and ethical working conditions

The safety of our crews is always paramount. Because we hire our crews directly, we can make sure all crew members are of legal working age. It also puts us in a position to set ethical operating standards, establish proactive safety measures, and enforce strict safety guidelines.

All of our crew members are provided with and trained to use the specialized vessels, tools, gear, and equipment they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

We also monitor weather forecasts and will alter or halt operations if severe storms or other conditions threaten the safety of our crews.

Full-time jobs

As plastic pollution and climate change continue to impact the marine environment and the coronavirus pandemic impacts tourism, communities that rely on the ocean for their livelihoods are finding it increasingly difficult to earn a living and often have few alternatives for steady work.

4ocean has always been committed to hiring people who live in the communities we serve.

All of our captains and crews are hired full time and paid fair wages. We cover all health insurance costs and provide additional benefits and bonus incentives.

Our recovery process is what makes us different

Crew Safety

Hiring our crews directly allows us to set ethical operating standards, establish proactive safety measures, enforce strict safety guidelines, and ensure that every crew member is of legal working age.

Recovered From Nature, Not a Landfill

Our cleanup crews specialize in recovering plastic from the open ocean and environments where plastic is at high risk of entering the ocean including rivers and coastal areas like sensitive mangrove forests, estuaries, beaches, and more. 

No Plastic Left Behind

Our crews recover all types of plastic, not just high-value plastics that drive revenue. While this is what’s best for the environment, these low-value materials cost more to process and recycle.

Direct and Verifiable Impact

We have a strict documentation process that allows us to trace the origins of every pound of plastic we recover from the environment. All of our documentation is regularly audited by third parties.


We put the ocean first

B Lab has certified that 4ocean meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

We donate at least 1% of our gross sales to environmental nonprofits through a combination of monetary, in-kind, and approved promotional support.

We offset our company’s entire carbon footprint every year by restoring blue-carbon ecosystems like coral reefs, kelp and mangrove forests, and coastal watersheds through SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf.

A legal structure for mission-focused businesses that provide a public benefit and operate sustainably. This legal status empowers 4ocean to prioritize our impact alongside profit.

We are actively solving The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from multiple directions. 

The 17 global goals outlined by the United Nations in 2015 are a blueprint for business leaders who want to drive positive change on the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.

When you partner with 4ocean, you’re making real and measurable progress toward each of these goals.